Come and enjoy with us

Pesach in Davos

This Passover experience true royalty.  Come and be treated like kings and join us at the Derby Hotel**** Pesach 2022 experience on the Swiss mountain peaks in Davos.   

The Levin Family has been servicing our guests for the past 90 years, with utmost care and devotion to each and every one of our guests. We know that life's milestones deserve only the very best.

Glatt kosher le-mehadrin


With 90 years experience of gourmet kosher food prepared by our well-known chefs, your event is to be truly outstanding. We have hired a world-renowned gourmet chef for the Pesach experience. The guests will be served 3 elaborate meals daily.

Our hotel is under strict supervision of Kehila AGUDAS ACHIM Harav Breisch Shlita Zürich-Switzerland

כשר למהדרין בהשגחת ק'ק אגודת אחים ציריך שוייץ בראשות המרא דאתרא הרב ברייש שליט''א

Video Davos

We look forward to greeting you at the most unforgettable passover ever in Davos, Switzerland!