VIP pickup service at the Airport is possible with pre arrangement at the Reservation desk.
The Kosher Hotel Metropol Staff is looking forward to welcome you and wants to make sure on your arrival to serve you Supper, in case of getting to Arosa after 7pm.
Please inform the front Desk in order to prepare the Supper for you.

By Car

To find your way around in Switzerland by car is extremely easy! All roadways and highways are clearly signposted with the directions to your destination.

- Drive from Zürich to Chur 119km. on the highway, which is the last city before Arosa
- Once you arrive in Chur, look, at the blue signe saying "arosa"
- In Arosa, the Metropol Hotel is on the left side on the main road, after the lake

By Train

It make seem to be complicated but it's not - it's just one stop, but you may have much less stress...

- Take underground from Airport to Zürich HB (main station)
- At the Zürich HB you have a train every hour and 37 minutes taking you to CHUR
- The train to Arosa is leaving outside the station, so please take the pedestrian underpass to the Bahnhof Platz, where you see the famous red train, taking you all the way up to Arosa

By Plane

Your Holiday starts already at the Airport!

- Go to the Swiss Ticket-desk and ask them for a Green Label which costs 20 USD
- Tell them you will be going to Arosa, put the Green Tag on your suitcase and proceed to the check-in
- On arrival in Zürich your bagage goes direct from the plane to the train leading to Arosa by itself.
- When you arrive in Arosa, give the reception desk the receipts in order for them to bring your suitcse to your room after 8 working hours of arrival in Zürich Airport.